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Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now

Jaron Lanier
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Highlight (yellow) - Welcome to the cage that goes everywhere with you > Page 5 � Location 66Algorithms gorge on data about you , every second . What kinds of links do you click on ? What videos do you watch all the way through ? How quickly are you moving from one thing to the next ? Where are you when you do these things ? Who are you connecting with in person and online ? What facial expressions do you make ? How does your skin tone change in different situations ? What were you doing just before you decided to buy something or not ? Whether to vote or not ?

Highlight (yellow) - The mad scientist turns out to care about the dog in the cage > Page 8 � Location 101You may have heard the mournful confessions from the founders of social media empires , which I prefer to call  behavior modification empires . 

Highlight (yellow) - Carrot and Shtick > Page 10 � Location 136Parker says Facebook intentionally got people addicted , while Palihapitiya is saying something about the negative effects on relationships and society .

Highlight (yellow) - The allure of mystery > Page 15 � Location 201A mutation is a wild card that adds new possibilities , a jarring jump . Every once in a while a mutation adds a weird , new , and enhancing feature to a species . Neuroscientists naturally wonder whether a similar process is happening within the human brain . Our brains surely include adaptive processes ; brains might be adapted to seek out surprises , because nature abhors a rut . When an algorithm is feeding experiences to a person , it turns

Argument Six: Social Media is destroying your capacity for empathyHighlight (yellow) - Page 74 � Location 987Social perception saved my life . It has always been part of how humanity has survived . But when were all seeing different , private worlds , then our cues to one another become meaningless . Our perception of actual reality , beyond the BUMMER platform , suffers .

Highlight (pink) - Page 76 � Location 1008therefore have lessened powers to empathize with what you think and feel . We dont need to all see the same thing to understand each other . Only old - fashioned authoritarian regimes try to make everyone see the same thing . But we do need to be able to peek at what other people see .

Highlight (pink) - Digitally imposed social numbness > Page 76 � Location 1016A common and correct criticism of BUMMER is that it creates  filter bubbles .  3 Your own views are soothingly reinforced , except when you are presented with the most irritating versions of opposing views , as calculated by algorithms . Soothe or savage : whatever best keeps your attention .

Highlight (yellow) - Digitally imposed social numbness > Page 77 � Location 1032Many extremist political dark ads on Facebook only came to light as a result of forensic investigations of what happened in the 2016 elections . 5 They were blatant and poisonous , and Facebook has announced plans to reduce their harm , though that policy is in flux as I write .

Argument Nine: Social media is making politics impossibleHighlight (yellow) - Neither left nor right, but down > Page 115 � Location 1537BUMMER ? My evangelical Christian conservative friends suddenly find themselves wedged into social media communities that support an obscene , cruel philanderer and abuser who made fortunes from gambling and bankruptcies and who has stated , on the record , that he doesnt need or seek forgiveness from God . 12 Meanwhile my patriotic , hawkish conservative friends now find themselves aligned with a leader who would almost certainly not be in office were it not for cynical , illegal interventions by a hostile foreign power . Look what BUMMER has done to your conservatism .

Highlight (yellow) - Neither left nor right, but down > Page 117 � Location 1559An interesting detail that came out a year after the election is that Facebook had offered both the Clinton and Trump campaigns onsite teams to help them maximize their use of the platform , but only Trumps campaign accepted the offer . 18 Maybe if Clinton had agreed to have Facebook employees in her office , she would have won . The election was so close that any little thing that moved the needle in her direction could have tipped the result .