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Published on:
July 8, 2024

👋🏾 Hey there Fren,

Happy Sunday! Grab your favorite 🍵 and let's dive into some exciting updates.

First off, a huge thank you to all the new subscribers who joined after checking out my digital products. Your support fuels my creativity!

In this edition, I'm thrilled to share how I'm leveling up all my digital products with AI, from the ChatGPT Conversation Manager to the PMDD Tracker. Plus, I'll reveal some micro-projects I've been cooking up.

Life's been a whirlwind lately - juggling family, job hunting, and diving into Build Space, a six-week project incubator. Ever feel like you've got too many ideas and not enough time? Yeah, me too.

But here's the kicker: amidst this beautiful chaos, I've had many lightbulb moments i'm hoping changes the trajectory of my life. Let me spill the tea...

💡 🌱Strategic Planning & Personal Growth

Here's what's growing and improving:

  1. NayaOS: My lightbulb moment! I'm creating a personal operating system for product development, inspired by Mark Lou's Next.js starter boilerplate. It's a Laravel-based boilerplate tailored to my needs, from personal websites to micro-apps.
  2. Health Focus: As I approach a new decade, I'm prioritizing my health. This includes fertility, cancer, and tumor testing and scheduling important check-ups.

Not too much updates on my Next Decade plan this week, but some have asked when I am done if I would share it. Would that interest you? Let me know!

✨ Current Inspirations

I've been on a bit of a video binge lately. Here are some mind-benders that have been opening my eyes to new perspectives:

🧱 Makers Corner

I've been cooking up a storm in my digital kitchen. Here's what's been simmering:

  1. LLM Convo Manager: The 2.0 to the ChatGPT Conversation Manager, this is a browser extentesnion to help you manage ALL conversations across Claude, ChatGPT, and Perplexity - AND put them in folders according to it's categor
  2. ADHD Time Blocking Calendar App: Helping my fellow neurodivergent folks manage time better.
  3. NayaOS Website: Built in under an hour (with a little help from my AI friend, Claude).
  4. NayaOS Laravel Boilerplate (as mentioned earlier)

Speaking of Claude, working with this AI buddy has unexpectedly been improving my JavaScript skills. For the past decade, JS and I have had an on-again, off-again relationship (it always reminded me too much of math). But now? We're starting to get along better. Who knew AI could be such a great coding partner?

I made this starter NayaOS website in maybe about under 30mins/1hr, using claude entirely! 🤯

🐣 I want you to try this out yourself, so I made a prompt for you!

PS: A quick note on this newsletter's schedule. I've decided to send it out whenever I have valuable updates to share, rather than sticking to a strict bi-weekly schedule. Quality over quantity, you know? I want to respect your inbox and only pop in when I have something worth your time.

PPS: I wrote this while traveling, thanks for your patience on any mistakes.

So, I appreciate your time and attention to my thoughts. If you find value in my work, writing, or reflections, I always welcome:

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