ℹ️ FAQ - Work Edition

This page is my personal FAQ & S. Frequently asked questions, and statements made throughout my life.
🧪 This page is part of social experiment.

I created this page because I get A LOT of questions about my work and personal life. At times it can be overwhelming and intrusive.

I understand a young Black woman that has lived on her own since a teen, work in tech, supports herself without any financial help, and travels is intruiging to many. This has been both positive and negative.

This page is a mix of both postivei and negative questions and statments. As I get older, I realize I can't waste energy explaining parts of my life to people who arent genuinely interested in understanding.
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Do you enjoy working in IT?

Sometimes, I enjoy working in people-centric roles. I don't enjoy the treatment when doing support-related IT work.

How did you learn to code?

TLDR, I learned by doing, and often unintentionally.

The first time I ever learned how to code was to create a custom ROM for my Andriod phone in high school.

I can probably go back even further to the Myspace days.

In high school through early college, I started to learn SQL and MySQL, but I actually had no clue at the time this was considered coding since I had no formal training. I learned about SQL and MySQL through a person I met at Starbucks that later became a mentor.

The first time I felt like I successfully "learned how to code" was after successfully completing a few Javascript challenges on Codecademy and Khan Academy.

👩🏾💻 Work - Frequently asked questions
🌍 Personal - Frequently asked questions
Frequently made statements

This area includes real life statements people have said to me over the past 6-10 years.

If I sent you a link to the section, it likely because you have either

  • said one these statements
  • said something similar
  • denied the experience of Black people, minorities, and or women and my experiences in particular
  • or I don't feel we can have a productive conversation about my life experiences


  • You are [redacted age], maybe you are married not by choice but because there is something wrong with you
  • Maybe you will learn how to speak [insert language] if you tried harder and didn't speak like that.
  • You are American, what possible problems could you have
  • No one cares about you, if you were going to commit suicide, you should have just done it
  • Black people should just work hard like to rest of us
  • Maybe Black people experience racism because they don’t know how to listen to authority
  • ADHD is a term Americans use to cover up that a person is crazy
  • People who stutter are cursed by god
  • People who stutter are crazy
  • No Man will ever want a woman who is fat
  • Why bother to learn [x] language, you’ll never be able to speak properly anyway
  • If you can’t speak properly, you should just stay quiet