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Published on:
February 11, 2024

🥃 180 Days Without Alcohol

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I experienced a health issue that affected my nervous system and speech. I had to change many aspects of my life and diet, including completely cutting out alcohol. Surprisingly, I experienced many positive transformations. Here's what changed:

I quickly lost weight and VERY stubborn fat around my midsection. I had more energy on the weekends and saw a HUGE improvement in my asthma. I almost never needed to use my asthma pump.

🛌 Quality Sleep
I had more nights in the week where I slept 5hrs+ straight without waking up. I also stopped snoring and had better breathing quality. Yes, alcohol can cause snoring, and on nights of even just one glass, it woke me up through the night. At this time, I also cut out caffeine for the first 90days, a major contribution.

🧠 Mental Clarity
At this time, I was experiencing such a difficult and toxic work situation. I believe this was the right time to not drink after all, because alcohol can exasperate strong feelings such as anger. Instead, I had clarity of mind, spent a lot of time reading, figuring out my next steps, and was able to focus on improving my physical health

🌈 Quality Creativity
It can be said that many people have creative peaks induced by drugs and alcohol, and I can relate that after a glass of wine, I may paint better or create a cool mini-project. However, astoundingly I still had my creative peaks through other means such as dancing or any form of cardio and found that I completed more projects and quality work overall.

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