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📆 2016

The year I slowly became more active on social media and spent less time doing what I truly love. Social media has helped my career beyond belief in the past few years (now 2021). However, it took me 5 years to realize I enjoyed having a much reduced social presence. My day job has always been IT or security-related, and I always enjoyed spending my downtime learning to code and tinkering with hardware, working on creative technology projects. I never watched TV or movies, just occasionally. I spent more time feeding into my creative side and increasing my knowledge on art, history, and psychology (when I wasn’t learning something tech-related of course).

Welp, I’m going back to “back in the days”!


Since, 2020/2021 I have been on a journey of…

  • digital minimalism
  • setting boundaries
  • communication overload
  • from folks who can be overly obsessive and aggressive about communication response times
  • from folks who feel entitled to others time, money, life, etc
  • taking a step back from social media
  • moving more towards privacy-first life
  • pursuing authentic experiences and relationships.

📚Background & Resources

I decided to begin a minimalistic lifestyle in ~2015, and later digital minimalism around 2019. However, the decision to share and write about this journey was more so recently inspired by…

And because I am a Infosec & privacy geek – pretty much everything related to privacy, controlling my own data, controlling my interactions, and presence on the internet

🗣My Communication Framework

I own 3 technical devices. I use only 1 daily.

I do not have any social media apps on my cellphone.

All mobile and desktop notifications are disabled, at all times. Except for my calendar app. I use 2 email services. I check email 1-2 times a day. Yes, that’s it.


Family, Friends, Foe’s, Nosey folks, and Professional Gossipers

If you have written me on Facebook, Linkedin, IG, Whatsapp, or Telegram from 2020 through Q1 2022, there’s a 90% chance I have not seen your messages. I deleted all social media apps from my cellphone and only checked 3 specific communication applications occasionally during this time.


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