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Published on:
February 11, 2024

I Miss Webflow

It's maybe been four months since I waved goodbye to Webflow and embraced WordPress for my personal website. Now, let me clarifyโ€”it's not that there was anything fundamentally wrong with Webflow. Nope, this change was more of a financial move in my personal and business life. I had cut back on ALL expenses except essentials such as water, electric, etc.

During this transition, I went on a bit of a platform testing spree Wix, Framer, you name it. Lately many folks have been raving about Framer, as it has a nice familiarity for Figma users. I wouldnt say i'm a die hard fan of any platform. When folks ask me what do I recommend, I always base my suggestion on the persons needs and technical abilities. However when it comes to the "trinity" of cost, functionality, and creativity, Webflow still reigns on top in my playbook ๐Ÿ˜Ž.

Sure, I understand. Webflow had a price hike, and that sent a mini wave of concern through the community, myself included. Yet, when you add up the costs of other platforms, including the sneaky expenses like integrations, plugins, and whatnot, you realize you're getting a serious "bang for your buck" with Webflow.

2024, I'm aiming to bring back my main personal website to Webflow. It's not just a platform for me; it's my digital playground where I showcase not only my website but also my quantified-self data, art, musings, etc. It's like my own little corner of the internet where I can free express myself and my interest.

So, Webflow, I'm on a little break, but I'll be back!

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