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Published on:
March 29, 2024

My Journey Toward Safety and Healing March 2024

I’ve been through a bit of a rollercoaster lately and found myself learning some tough lessons about sharing personal stuff. Especially the hard bits about abuse and mistreatment I’ve faced. I realized being open can sometimes pull in the wrong crowd. You know, those who pretend they want to help but are actually looking for a way in for their own gain.

This isn't to say that every person out there that wants to help you as bad intentions or means or wants to cause any further trouble, but I've definitely had my fair share of those that have helped because they truly have great hearts and just want to see the best for others and I have also had the complete opposite.

This isn’t new for me. I’ve been down this road a couple of times before. Being open, thinking I’ve found a bit of support, only to end up in situations that felt more like nightmares than help. It’s kind of wild how trying to find a bit of light can sometimes lead you into darker corners.

So, I decided to pull back a bit on the really personal details. It's not about shutting down but more about staying safe. It’s this whole thing about finding the right balance between sharing your truth and keeping enough to yourself so you don’t end up in a tricky spot.

But here’s the kicker – I’m not giving up on sharing or connecting. Once I find myself in a better spot, both in my head and out in the real world, I’m planning to open up about everything in a tactful and balanced manner. It’s not just for me but for anyone who’s felt a bit lost in their own battles. Sharing the tough stuff, but at the right time, you know?

Right now, I’m in this new city, figuring things out, and yeah, it’s been rough. But I’m hanging in there, learning as I go, and holding onto hope that things will get better. And when they do, I’ll be here, ready to share more, hoping it might light up someone else’s path a bit.

So, to anyone out there feeling a bit alone in the struggle, just know, you’re not by yourself. We’re all in this together, finding our way through, bit by bit.

For those of you that are really nice and you've helped me at some point in my life whether it was today or yesterday this week or just any time at all I thank you for Christian a good person who just wants to see me do well and succeed. I really cherish those of you who want to help others just out of the kindness of their heart. We really need more people like you.🫶🏾💜

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